Changing my art world..some emphemera from old 7 Gypsies

 I have been missing in action. Health issues and I wanted to change my art structure.
I came to my folks house 9 years ago.
 Four years ago my Mother was placed on Home Health and from there as most of you know she passed away 2 years ago come this coming January 28.
I am still here my Dad who  just turned 83 and he has no business being left alone.
I took on a massive cleaning project this past spring and definitely knocked myself silly health wise.
I am coming out of it  but moving slow the process I began to realize I wanted a way to combine everything I love to do and organize all I have in a small space.
That is what I am doing now.It is going to be a wonderful and interesting project. I am going to create as I do this and organize and share this with you.
Shannon Green a wonderful lady I met through Canvas Corp Brands inspired many areas within me  I just had not pulled forth.
She also introduced me to art Journal Junkies and I am totally lost in the wonderment and beauty of the art in this group.
As I made my first three journals I began new processes and enhanced old ones and this is where I am now.
The beginning of a new story.
Yes I am in the beginning of making a new story.
Coffee staining and organizing my paper stash....right now and

Turning old things into useful things and this is what I wanted to share with you today.
The paper on the right is 7Gypsies paper I had no use for..on the left altering that paper for my junk journals.Thanks Shannon Green !

This was made as a journal earlier this year but never put together and bound thank now I have cut off the sides and will use them in tucksa in junk journals.
Well I am off to coffee stain...
Susan S


  1. This is gorgeous :-) So lovely to hear from you and to find you still crafting away :-D
    Mega hugz

    IKE xxxx

  2. great job! glad to see the creativity you are managing in what must be challenging times. using stash is always satisfying! Good luck!


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