Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lily and The Lotus and Happy Mail from Ike

I had a wonderful surprise come in the mail from my sweet friend Ike. I have to brag a bit about knowing one of the most fabulous artist out there. It has been such a privilege to be her friend.
Her art is dynamic as is her entire person!
Thank you Ike you made my year!

  I have a friendly little cat Sammy who is helping me to take the pictures.
you can see the card and the steampunk die?
Of course I had to show my Dad who said "Oh my gosh, that is beautiful. What a beautiful card."
My son get's home from work and I have it right where he can see it and first thing he said " oh a card from Ike?"
Is Ike a part of this family..yes. very much so.
Thank you dear friend.
Love you always.
susan s