Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A Face of time

A Face of Time is a new journal I am finishing tonight. I think time is such a beautiful topic and papers and images that reflect time really move me.
I do not remember who made this clock piece I used on the front and back cover . I want to say it was a Prima so it is safe to just say I do not remember...is that not a reflection of time itself.
Most of the paper is from Stamperia. Some from Graphic 45 and some from reflections.
Each paper has been coffee stained. There are many music sheets also coffee stained.
I will not tire you with many many pictures. I will show you a highlight of this journal.
It is made from a large envelope.
The covers are also large pockets for storage of extra writings and what ever you want to put into it.
It measures roughly 6x10. There is roughly fifty four coffee stained writing papers,sixty two extras,roughly forty two music mages vintage music sheets,there are side pockets ,tags and mini tags,guestcheck and other misc ephemera.
Thanks for stopping in. Have a beautiful day.

 218 pages decorated,music extra and writing. This is listed in my etsy store.

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Monday, May 27, 2019

Vintage Tags Tim Holtz mixed with Canvas Corp Brand

Happy Monday and Safe memorial Day to everyone.
I am adding five tags for sale in my Etsy store.
I made them using Tim Holtz  ephemera and inks, and Canvas Corp Brands paper. 
They are very simply made.

Every tag is Coffee stained . Distressed with Tim Holtz vintage Photo.
I used a dictionary page and distressed the borders glued with tacky glue and sewn.
I then added the paper from canvas Corp Brands I clipped out.and Distressed. I also added a sentiment from Tim Holtz Clipping Settings.

I wanted to share a photo with you from the storm that hit Okla. and Mo. so hard as it passed over us it was scary this is the tail end of it as it head on to do so much damage.
Stay safe and Happy Memorial Day.


Susan S

Friday, March 22, 2019

Oddball Art March Challenge with my partner in Crime

Happy March and welcome to my take on Oddball arts March Challenge.

I have not done a challenge in a long time.  My partner in crime might have a thing or two to do with this um :)
Who ? yes I have a new partner in crime, our crime..?
 We are color nuts lol and we both love Oddball Art ..oh yes you can see where this can go right?

The challenge  
My friend Wendy and I are both trying to win. So If she wins I win ...and if I win she wins . Oh my gosh her art is amazing so I shall be smiling now...and relaxing.
Think I shall make tea and go read all the entries to this challenge :).
 Secondly. I used the adorable Leprechaun from Lizzy's adorable image store and you can read the details above just click the word challenge.

Third: I have added the link with the word above challenge :)just click the word.

and last but not least I made this today. It is fresh and new and I have not cheated and back linked.:)

so here is my little card..but let me tell you a secret I am learning to color with H20's. This is not in my comfort zone I have had three lessons from Lizzy and still need to buy a bunch of colors. anyway 
 Thanks for stopping in. Have a fabulous March.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


How many of you spent a day on the beach when you were little?
My Mother whom I miss so very much took me to Galveston when I was little. When I was grown my ex.husband Steve took me to Florida, Both of these people I have nothing but gratitude for the grandiose experience.
The sands seem so pure and brilliant and then you gaze across the waters to see what seems eternity.
To realize how small we are upon this earth. As small as a grain of sand.
I thought how awesome God is. All the magic in the infinite world in time and in infinite space all the elements used to compress me into who I am by the Eternal Divine Heavenly Father. How grateful I am for my life. How grateful I am for all my family in all their doings and ways and my family of friends in all of their ways.
To touch the beach the sand in your older years brings gratitude . In youth marvelous fun and imagination.

Sunkissed Graphic 45 http://scrapbookscom
Tim Holtz stamps        http://stampersanonymous.com 

Friday, February 15, 2019

Love is in the Air Stampers Anonymous swap...and a big thank you To Ted and stampers Anonymous!

 Happy Friday everyone.

Thank you Ted and crew of Stampers Anonymous for this marvelous stamp. It is beautiful and so fun.
Thank you Sandy A. for hosting the swap so fun!
I made you and Ted a tag along with the mates swapping with me..so here is a peek.

Have a beautiful weekend . Blessings.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Leaving the yard

My Mom's craft shop is leaving the yard this week. Years of degeneration after her fall...and now she is gone.
It has been a horrid mess but the lovely people in the photo's will take the trailer and rebuild it for someone. It is a beautiful morning here. 
Take care all
Daddy putting on new gate.

This little guy is such a hard worker for his family.
So glad to see this page close.


Friday, January 11, 2019

Making of a tag 2019-1 step by step photo tutorial

It was a idea as I sorted through all my art supplies..make a card and a set of tags for my store using everything I have and what does not sell attend  a Christmas art show.

 I am also reaching new levels here where I want to close things out .
 I love my quiet time coloring and stamping or playing with collage and playing with mixed media so this helps me to get things in perspective and order as I pack for my own home. I have minimized my art fund spending and I am using a lot of things I have had or my Dad has given me that was my Mom's... so you never know what you will see in my post that I might be using.
I cut my standard tags and coffee stained them, stamped and colored with blue which is my color theme this month.

I used Tim Holtz Distress ink with a sponge "Vintage Photo" around the borders.
so..here is the process coloring. Coloring on coffee stained manila folder is different than regular card stock. It shows the lines and blending is most difficult.


I love splatter and I used Glimmer Glam by Tattered Angels from Canvas Corp Brands
I also used a paint brush and painted the roses and the Bird with it. This color is 23445 Turquoise
Canvas Corp Brands shop

The flowers were from my stash, I probably found them on sale at Michaels. I used Tattered Angels Glimmer mist L2418 Patina on the flowers.

I have added the tags and cards in my Etsy store. 
Now I will clean my mess...and find a new set of stamps to play with.
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