Day 14 through 18 of the 31 Days of Halloween Vicki Ross's Halloween Journal

Hi everyone..It is so nice to be back!
Ok so I am so behind in posting...How to get it all done...well let's get started.
I met Vicki Ross in the Google Plus community. I felt so privileged to get to know this fabulous lady.
I will be posting a link to her video channel on you tube so you can get to know her also. You will so love her. Not only is she a fun loving person..she takes the time to remind everyone how human we all are and how important it is to need and have one another. Then she simply just blows you away with her art.
She is fabulous and so talented!
Recently she had major surgery and I will also put a link to her facebook group regarding this event..she is reaching out to help others  who might be having a hard time with their health as well.


I have not finished the front..infact i am fishing around trying to decide what I want to do.


I was showing you the inside cover when we lost internet.
This is the page beside it.
I love this thick paper from Canvas Corp Brands
A embossed tuck with a adorable image from the Canvas Corp 12x12 paper
There is a medium size coffee stained tag and a piece of cut paper from this collection.
The next page is a plain white paper I coffee stained and stamped leaves and usied my water color crayons to paint with.
The little witch hat came in a set from Michaels.
This is on the left side.

This is the next page on the left
A fun little card to journal in
Here she can stash any papers or what ever she wants to.
There is a stamped and decorated tag tuck in the back
The next page....
Has a tuck with black coffee stained tag and a journal spot

The right side...
The journal page in the back has two side tucks for two different size coffee stained tags.
The next page is similar  again two tuck spots and two different size tags.
I have left them blank I am sure she has a plan for them.

Thanks for stopping in I will post the remainder of the project tonight along with some Oddball art :)
Have a wonderful evening



  1. Fabulous pages, so many details to look at :)

  2. I knew it was that wicked internet that kept you from us! So glad to see more of this fantastic journal! Awesomeness everywhere I look! xx

  3. Love the butterfly.
    the vintage little girl is
    So many wonderful pages and
    thanks for sharing.

  4. Loving the vintage feel to this lovely art.

  5. It is looking great! I love that moth.


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