Tuesday, October 18, 2016

31 Days of Halloween Journals and Desert Island Crafters Oddball art By Lizzy Love

I have just loved experimenting with junk journals and I thank Shell and Vicki for being my lab rats :). 
Some one asked me why they call the (sections) secretaries. I have been looking at that..and no one has answered my question on that either. So I went to many sources The one factor I kept being linked to was documents Government documents.When rules or laws were written..entire sections were written maybe on one particular law..and thus called a secretary.Just google it and dive in.
Well I had some excitement here last night..maybe the hobgoblins were mad I got internet again hahahaha so I am stepping outside to have my evening coffee and smoke and greeted with a rattlesnake.
The only good rattle snake is a dead one in my book of shadows so here is a good one :)
Yeah...may those little hob-goblins enjoy the laugh back at them :)


I have a lot more to add to the pages I am showing you I always do go back and add a little more..stamped or lace or something...but here are a few more pages.
This is Vicki's Journal....sharing a few more pages.
A page for journal-ling two tucks for two different size tags.
This middle is for things you want to keep. small things. There are two small tags up in the top tuck and 2 medium tags in the little black sacks.. I will be adding some surprise dies in them for her to do with as she chooses.

 This is a large pocket and plenty of room for a brief journal above it and more to the right. I do not know where I purchased the flying steampunk man.If you know where it comes from please let me know in the comments.

The following page is the same 2 pages for journal-ling. and a tag coffee stained and distressed ink is vintage photo.The wing stamp is Tim Holtz and the Pillar or column Smeared Ink red Rubber.

The next page more writing space  and a tuck spot.
The next page  on the left a small tuck and black sack for more goodies a spot to write behind it and leaves to the right water colored.

 The next page a water colored leaves and witch hat...and on the right the other half of the Canvas Corp Paper.

DESERT iSLAND cRAFTERS and Lizzy Love's Oddball Art

What can I say ...no internet to post my DT piece..so here it is...a cigar box turned to a candy goodie box.

Please come join in on the fun at Desert Island Crafters Challenge.

Thanks for stopping in. I am blog hopping today again catching up..but so loving all the fabulous art and writing.



  1. So much work - such a labor of

    thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the pages and Lizzie's Image - must check out DICC...

  3. This is so cool! I love that stamp too. Poor rattler. LOL

  4. Thanks for the answer and it makes sense to me! Love all the places for journaling and saving things! Awesome book and wonderful Oddball image and with sugar inside! And total EEEK! over that snake....shudder shudder! xx