Day 11 with Smeared Ink 31 Days of Halloween

This has been so good for me to get active a shove of sorts.The other day I had told my best friend Carolyn wow I don't have any supplies any more I had been so involved with private journaling and lessons. Today she wanted to come over. I said sure. Stephen(Fox) was at work my Dad on golf course why not. I got to show her the studio I will be teaching in and she got to meet the owners. Lovely people..I have shared them on Face book "Against The Grain" and she brought me a lovely surprise....
I took her out for a wonderful Mexican dinner..we had fun. Fox is still hanging in there..thank you all for your love and prayers...why is it stupid runs deep sometimes?
Then came the thought of what am I going to make today...and I looked up on the TV and there was a ugly gypsy and her crystal ball...hehehe I thought I have a pretty gypsy and a crystal ball..she is called Fortune Teller Carnie you can get her at the Smeared Ink store!digi-people/c216x
well here she is.
I love this image and have used her before on another 31  Day"s of Halloween Blog Hop so I informed her tonight she would be considered for my 31 Day "s of Halloween blog hop with Smeared Ink the mascot.
hahaha well as you can tell I am relaxed and tired and goofy
Happy Day 11 and I love all the fabulous art I have seen. I was so sad a few have stepped out.Take care my fun to be around fabulous artisans again.
susan s



  1. Enjoyed reading your blog Susan! Great make - love the image and the colour scheme - She would be a great mascot!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Your make is gorgeous. She'll be a wonderful mascot. xxD

  3. Ooh, that was a super nice surprise you got, lucky girl. Love your beautiful image and all the flowers in fall colors.

  4. Lovely package of goodies :) and fantastic fortune teller...colorful all those flowers xx

  5. Relaxed, tired and goofy seems to be the ticket, she's a faboolous addition to the festivities!

  6. Wow how did you get a picture of my Halloween stash

  7. Hey how did you get a picture of my Halloween stash? Love the embellishment in the top left corner

  8. Your fortune teller is pretty.
    Love all of the flowers around here.
    Have fun being goofy and stay relaxed.
    thanks for sharing

  9. Fortune Teller Carnie is beautiful... love your coloring and how she is set in the flowers~~ Thanks for sharing!!

  10. What were you watching with an ugly gypsy? Your mascot gypsy is beautiful and I bet brings better fortunes. Such a good friend you have. You deserve happy surprises.

  11. Lovely card--love the gypsy fortune teller!

  12. Fab card and lovely treat from your friend x


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