Day 12 with Smeared Inks 31 Days of Halloween and POE ...How old is this candy ?

First let me tell you all how totally awesome each of you are.Thank you for the wonderful art company and comments..This is fun!
Today I am sharing a Edgar Allen Poe from the late Lily Chilvers and the Octopode Factory. This one's for Lily...How old is that candy?
Have fun and a wonderful day.


  1. Made me giggle! I've got some candy corn so old it would break your teeth! LOL Fab make. Missing Lily. xxD

  2. Such a sad loss :( x Love your project xx

  3. Great Poe image, fun sentiment and awesome little candies.

  4. Hopefully the candy isn't as old as Poe himself! This is great--made me giggle!

  5. I sometimes have to look at the expiration date on edible things around my house.
    Being single food doesn't get eaten as fast as it should.
    I wouldn't have to worry about the candy corn though - I don't think I've ever had any of it.
    Love the little person.
    thanks for sharing.

  6. A faboolous Poe and even more faboolous because he's one of Lily's spooktacular designs, she will live on in our art and in our hearts!

  7. I have never seen this fabulous image of Poe..Lily was truly a very talented lovely person! I wonder how old is that candy? Hmmmm thanks for the fun xx

  8. Love all of Lily's images - this is no exception. Sad loss...

  9. I just checked out Lily Chilvers awesome designs, very sad loss. LOVE your POE corn candy card!! Thanks for sharing!!


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