Day 10 with Smeared Ink's 31 Days of Halloween

Happy Day 10 everyone.
This is a quick post. The image is called Exotic Night by Ching Chow Kuik.
I just loved this image when I saw it.
My son had a scary day yesterday from explosives hanging on a crane in a lightening storm to the battery getting hit and blowing up. He got home at 1 am and we were up at 4 am..
I am still tired so this is short.
susan s


  1. Sorry to hear about your Son Susan. Hope he's all ok.
    I love your colouring of this image. Beautiful. I have a couple of Ching Chow Kuik stamps myself. Haven't seen this before, though.

  2. She's so pretty, and so beautifully coloured :)

  3. OMG!! So glad he's okay. Gorgeous image and fab coloring. Hope you all can relax some after such a harrowing experience. xxD

  4. Lovely card and so glad you son is ok but I am sure was quiet shaken as well as his Mom! get some rest..xx

  5. Gorgeous coloring and beautiful image. Good that nothing worse happened...

  6. A bootiful project today but more importantly YIKES, I'm sure glad your son is okay, that's very dangerous work he's involved in!!!!!

  7. Wonderful image and colouring! Pleased your son is ok!

  8. Hope your son is OK. Lightning can be a rough thing.
    the lady is so pretty. Hard to believe she's holding a skeleton head.
    If you need light - go with what you've got.
    thanks for sharing.

  9. Wonderful image--love Ching Chou Kuik! Glad your son is OK.

  10. Exotic Night is beautiful... love the colors. glad to hear your son is ok. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Just hearing about his scary day is more worry than I need.
    Any one of those situations without combining them together terrifies any mother.
    Glad he came home safely.

    The lovely lady in your project is a brighter, happier way to enjoy Halloween.

  12. Fabulous colors and image. Super fun

  13. Fabulous make but my attention was really caught by news of your son - hope he stays safe...

  14. Hugs to all - scary .

    Fab project xx


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