School Girls another "Not so Perfect" Journal

It's about school Girls here. Beautiful ladies I collected mostly from Somerset Magazine. So I thought about a combo collective called school girls. Your eyes will see some that even look like the stern teacher.
My friend Carolyn gave me this paper she purchased at Tuesday Morning. The flowers are from,49 Market Botanical Blends.
The side. It is very full.
The back.

Going in side from the beginning.
The front cover is a pocket I filled with beautiful ephemera. This image is from the Graphic Fairy.
This is the first page.
more ephemera that is in the front pocket
and this leads to the next flip of pages which also is a pocket.
on to the next. Another Somerset lady the paper on the right is tracing paper.

I have skipped several pages.I have also not shared about all the many pockets here and there through out the book.
I am hoping to get this video made tomorrow I do not know if that will happen..I have had trouble uploading. If I can accomplish this all little details and there are many will be noted.If you do not see the video you will know I am going to have to get some new equipment to make them.This is in my Etsy store.

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Many of my images come from Tsunami Rose,Somerset Studio,Graphic Fairy, Creative Souls and my archives.
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