Friday, May 11, 2018

A Beautiful Purchase from Laurie A Junk Journal Diva

Welcome to my blog today. May 11 2018

I have several post I hope to make today and all I am so excited to share with you so I shall begin with my Purchase from Laurie.

Laurie is a lovely and extremely talented lady I began watching on you tube. Her beautiful Vintage style was so impressive to me. There are many I watch and I am way behind watching..but ..each artisan has such unique qualities and styles there are particulars in each I love.

Laurie has this unique style of details I admire. I love details as many of you know about me. so I am going to share some photos of my beautiful pieces that came today. I am undecided  but I have thought about collecting from my favorite Junk Journal friends and building me a rather large journal  and adding them. so here they are.

I shall just share pictures, there is little to say when looking at the beautiful pieces.
Wonderful Beautiful Thank you Laurie

I hope you enjoyed the teasers.. here is her You Tube Channel..enjoy...
Susan S


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