Vintage Journal Finished "Inspired"

Welcome to my blog.
I have loved the beautiful days of summer so far.I have to say I did not enjoy the heat wave and I hope it stays away.
I am feeling better and getting my son back in health.Time...everything takes time.I have also enjoyed watching him get back into his art. Happy giggles again and excitement over his designs.What else have I been doing???
 I have been studying many many videos on "Junk Journals" each artist is so talented and inspiring to me.
I love Tsunami Rose Designs and I used some in this journal. 
I named it "Inspired". 
I love the name because that is what I feel trying to make one of the journals.
I will share a few pictures with you. I welcome your thoughts and comments.
This is made from a small brown envelope you use for packages a bit bigger than your standard envelopes This is roughly 3.5 wide and 5.5 inches long.
 There are 180 pages counting both sides and 36 extras and 19 tags.
The cover was from my stash when I was in Creative Souls with Angel Kennedy. What a sweet lady. The other images used in this journal are from Tsunami Rose on Etsy.

 This is the back.
The Top

 The inside cover.
This is a paper dinner napkin.

 The cat image is a graphic image from the Graphic Fairy Altered.

 There are many more wonderful pages of this book I did not share here, some left for writing some decorated.
I hope I have share "Inspiration" with you today.

Have a wonderful week.
Susan S