Day 3 of the 31 Days of Halloween and Sassy Studio

Hi everyone and thank you for all you kind words and stopping in. I am having a battle with windstream this morning aactually it started at 10p.m. last night and now...we have internet again.
I have read comments in the Andrews news on line others are going through this if I am late or absent you all know me better please know windstream and I are glaring at each other again.
This was actually a problem last year. We have times it is great and then we have weeks on end where it is so slow we cannot post down load make tutorials or videos.This is one reason I stepped out of many positions . I kept thinking it would improve and then we went months at a time with such sloooooow internet.
I now just throw my hands in the air and just let it go.
My piece today is from Sassy Studio. I do not know if they are around this year..but I love this little image. "Mummy"
Have a awesome day. Happy Day 3.



  1. She is pretty - even though her
    clothes are in tatters.
    Sorry you have so much trouble
    with the 'net. It drives me
    crazy as is - without power problems.
    take care.

  2. BOOTIFUL!!! Awesome tag.... love the colors! Happy 31 DOH!

  3. That is a cute Egyptian mummy. Love it so so much

  4. What a pretty mummy! Good luck with your internet.

  5. She's so BOOtiful! Come and share this one on my FB group for fans of everything Egyptian ;)

  6. Walk like a scary Egyptian! The real song popped up in my head the moment I saw this cutie! Love her saying Boo! xx


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