31 Days of Halloween...Thank you Martha S. ..and Thank you Liz W.

Hi and welcome to my blog today. Yes I took the weekend off....but not really I had many pressing things happening. We are about to paint the outside of the house..well the men folk meaning my son hahahaha is. This is a big old house to paint when you are putting in 13 to 15 hour days out in the oil field also.
My Dad is having leg surgery soon and he is on a very heavy blood thinner because he has a clot next to his heart that has not dissolved. ..and there was another rattle snake right in the walk way when he got home from church...he might have lived 4 minutes my Dad if bitten..
so we have been talking about senior homes for him and the Fox(my son) and I moving more to a artsy community...city town what ever.
with all this and more going on my fybomyalgia ..I had to step back.

Take a deep breath and load the shot gun again ... unless those snakes were mates and they could have been we have more near by.
ok so what is new in my art word
actually some awesome things...
so most of you know how I love my yahoo group Altered Tattered and Timeworn...   along with Stampers Anonymous we have a sketch challenge once a month and I received mine Thursday from Martha S. oh my gosh they are so beautiful. Thank you so much Martha S.  I love them so very much.
This was the card with a personal note...
How do friends know you so well? Lately I began a private journal for myself based on Paris..yes Paris Vintage goodies and stamps I have started collecting...and this came. (smiling Martha).
Here are the cards she sent me and she only had to make one but look at the FOX and you know I will be framing that one for his wall of Foxes.
There is another beauty

 Yes I love love love this and anyone who knows me knows I love my COFFEE Java Java!!!!
This will be framed and put in my new kitchen !!!!! oh yes it will!

I was so dazzled by this next beauty!

This will be in my Vintage Paris Journal on my Coffee table oh yes ..Thank you so much Martha.
 Oh this made my day I was so dishearten lately and not sure where I want to move in the future...soon future so thank you so much.

Then the next day my sweet little friend in Arizona another member of Altered Tattered and Timeworn gave me another beauty!!!!
this also will go in a frame and on a wall in my new home!
Is this not gorgeous????????OMG I am so thankful and I love this Liz!!!!! Love it!
It will be on a wall in my new home!
Thank you ladies. I do so love you both! you have kept me going through the worst and best of times...HUgs!



I have started the opening secretary.
All tags and pages and tags are coffee stained except the colored ones..yes I added some briefly colored images to this one for our memories sake..we have been DT 's together many many times so I wanted to give her a few memories.
I will just show you what I have done so far. many pages are blank I do not know if I will do anything maybe stamp the borders...and leave much for writing because I did not leave her a lot of writing space in the second one ..here it is so far.
Have a awesome day

 Needless to say there are many blank pages in between and much more than I have shown to day..

well I am off.
I have my Dad's Birthday on the 26th he will be 83 and stephen's on the 29th...
so glad Max has some time off my other son...hope he rest!



  1. Sounds like the rattlesnakes might be
    trying to take over. they are nothing
    to fool with - glad your dad was OK.
    Moving is going to be a trying time
    but it can also be a fun time.
    Good luck with deciding where/when you
    want to go. Your friends sound like
    good ones - sending cards what are
    so wonderful when you need a lift.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. Great pages! I particularly like the last one that is so Poe. LOL


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