Sentimental with Canvas Corp Brands

Welcome to my blog today.........................I am having a sentimental moment with Canvas Corp Brands....

Quite a few years ago I had some one give me a 7Gypsies journal.
The past few months as many of you know I have been cleaning up my folks property.
I have a long way to go but my health and the heat did not mix and I began getting serious kidney infections. Being border line type 2 diabetic and hypoglycemic that is scary so I had to shut things down for a while.
I found many wonderful things to add to the estate sell and many things had to be thrown away. Infact two double dumpsters and a extra wide and long flat bed stacked two levels high. Sadly all I got cleaned out was two small sheds.
In the process I found so many things I remembered mama writing on or my Grandmother had kept.  I was so touched by the photos I came across and many paper or journals they had documented on.
They both had clipped art from numerous places I am sure and I had my own clip art I could add to with this.
I began a shoe box and then one night I was tired and feeling kind of blue about it i rummaged through my things and came across this never used 7 Gypsies Journal.I began looking through my own scraps of paper and my own images and I just love the warmth of the beautiful canvas from Canvas Corp Brands line of textiles canvas.In such a emotional state one night really missing my Grandmama and Mother I grabbed my scissors and cleared my card table art table and began to drift into the most pleasurable experience and memory dance I have had in my life.Canvas Corp Brands gave me a night to remember with beautiful tissue papers , canvas embellishments and papers. Tattered angels and so much more began to pile onto my table and I drifted farther away.
I actually made my post on a word press blog but I am having troubles with my sharing and I wanted to get this out there to say a big THANK YOU TO CANVAS CORP BRANDS 

I figure if I am going through this deep kind of thing in losing the family..others are also and please begin your journals.
This book is far from finished. It has not been embellished trimmed and many pages have not been finished.If you think a 7 Gypsies Journal isn't enough you will be so shocked as to what you can do with them. so here is a memory lane walk maybe just for enjoy the art.
Susan S
This is the cover. It comes in the specialty papers at Canvas Corp Brands
My Grand mother who would be 106  June 9 today if she were living. Beautiful tissue paper and canvas lifted this photo up from the page.
I had discovered my Mother loved winged things. many cards and you will see...
I ordered a Alfred Hitchcock stamp...mama loved his movies..I will be adding black birds and Hitchcock on the blue side.
This will have small black and whites of my mom in school.

Well as you can tell I still have a on going project. I will be showing the finished book on your tube as a flip through...
Thanks again for stopping in...back to word press to figure out my socialization failure :)
susan s




  1. THis is just wonderful! Love all the dun details!

  2. what a beautiful project, I just lost my Mom also so understand your sadness and need to create. Remember to take care of yourself.
    Barb Housner


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