The Basin

Welcome to my blog today. This summer /spring what ever we are in right now has kept me busy. Despite the cold weather lately and tornadoes and wind it is the only time I have to work on this property so I can move my Dad out of this huge house and into town to a small house by "his" golf course.He is 82 and we lost Mama a year ago so he needs a better quality of life and so do I.Thank all of you for bearing with me as I work on this project.
Nature constantly destroys much of what I do lately and I began looking at many items I was throwing away as a possibility to make art with.
I grew up in northern New Mexico my first 12 years and nature was sure taken for granted by me..then we moved to west Texas and nature had a whole new description. The Permian Basin is just that oil, sand more sand yucca plants cactus tumble weeds and sea shells.
It is geographically unique in that the larges oil field in the United States   is right behind this large house. If you drive just a little over a mile you can see 2000 or more pump jacks. It is haunting right now because most of them are still.
This 12x12 canvas reminds me that we have thousand and thousands of these  metal giants on a ocean sea bed....of....sand.
Think on that a minute.The weight of each pump jack...and thousand and thousands on....sand.People take no thought to that reality here...not to mention all the oil that has been taken from beneath that sand....let me shake my head and say ... art today...maybe gone tomorrow hahahaha.
This was made with a Canvas Corp Brand 12 x 12 stretched canvas.
I used fabric I found in my grandmothers house I have been cleaning out along with the main house..and the green fabric is cotton.
I used many wonderful Tattered Angels glimmer mist
Key Lime Pie,Aquamarine,Patina,Golden Orange and Marmalade. All these gorgeous Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels

are in the Canvas Corp Brands store.
I had fun with this project and will add it to my collection. I hope you have a fabulous week.
Take care..stay safe and have fun.Here is a link to my video. Hugs
Susan S
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist
50450 Key Lime Pie
21366 Golden Orange
15815 Aquamarine
15730 Marmalade

Duncan Acrylics
Aleens clear Tacky glue
fabric 12x12 Canvas


  1. That's really beautiful Susan. :-) I hope you get better weather/luck moving your Dad. I totally agree with what you say..... how can we keep taking out of the earth and not putting anything back ??! One day we are going to get our %rses kicked !!!!
    Love your beautiful canvas xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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