Thursday, March 24, 2016

Colourarte Design Team Call

Welcome to my blog today. I am making a piece for the Design Team Entry at ColourArte.Terri Sproul sent me....:)

I have been a devoted patron to ColourArte for at least nine years now, which , I know to many may not seem so long..and I have many of their wonderful products but never, never enough. No never.
I used a Canvas Corp Brands "Junque Book".
 I wanted to make a colorful front for this little book. I love stencil Girl products also and I chose a simple stencil from them for this project.

 I covered the front with gesso and then a soft layer of LuminArte "Sweet Thistle."

I used a Stencil Girl stencil again and #682 Duo-Green Yellow by Jacquard oroducts for this.

I love the colors that are beginning to form.
This is another stencil from stencil Girl but so perfect  for this project.
I used #661 Antique Copper from Jacquard Products and Ranger Multi Medium Matte to fill in the stencil.
So I want to show you  a beautiful thing about this product..when you bend it after it drys it does NOT crack.
Isn't that awesome! no cracking when it dries.
Mod Podge works well with the Lumiere products.
This is Lumiers 662 met olive green
mixed with mod podge. you can see I used tacky glue to attach a piece of canvas to the cover.
I began adding sea shells and more canvas.
This is called Canvas Fringe from Canvas Corp Brands. I cut a small piece to create a binding look for the Junque book.
At this point I just wanted to add a lot of beautiful color.
I added color to the twine and even the sea shells. I like this so far. Hope you do to.

I added two paper flowers and altered their color.

I added some little beads and colored them.
I added more shells and more canvas and colored them.
I needed a color to make the purple pop so to speak and I used Silks Key Lime.
This is the result.
This is the finale of the front of this Junque Book.
I think I will leave it empty on the inside and put it in my Etsy store.
Thank you for stopping in. Have a Blessed month.
Susan S.

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  1. Fun project - thanks for your interest in being apart of the Colouarte Dt