Thank you fellow crafters for your love support and ideas..Vicki Ross and so many"A KRAaFTERS CLEAN UP"

Hi to every one my fellow digi friends journal friends and just all around Kraafting friends.I was so moved after a conversation I had with a new friend in my life Vicki Ross..a awesome artist, she has stencils with stencil girl she makes beautiful canvas art...and so much more above all she reminded me I have not given a shout out to my friends every where sweet pea stamps smeared ink Ike's art , wendy Vecchi's friends and Tim's friends..I AM SO SORRY
ok Mother was a crafter and a hoarder of junk to make crafts ...she had so many beautiful things I have not even scratched surface with..and this is awkward because my Dad does not want help but goes through every thing and then hands me what he wants me to have throws away barrel after barrel of trash and packs my sister a box...this is on going and we have gotten no where.But I just let him do it as he can.
This is the top of the stairs I went up and down for six years every few minutes especially toward the end. we had placed her bed in fron of the fire place.
you can see stacks of books and crafts we are building . At first we thought we would get a booth in a flea market but Lubbock and Odessa have shut down most worthy booths and markets since the oil has begun to crash. I have tried putting a few on ebay but it is not worth the fees.and time.
the bottom left where you see the bold red was her hospital chairs we have two we need to sell off or give away.

 fuzzy picture but this is this weeks stacks of books. I might try two or three on ebay and then I make a list and box them up. I think this week I will begin making trips to the library.
I never had the time to organize and by night when she was asleep so was I.I am in a small bed room with a mini sitting area over the dining room so I gave up and got a book shelf out of my shed papers on top with stencils die cutter
second shelf is journal art material and journal stamps and 12 x 12 papers
third shelf is the threads and more journal stuff and bottom shelf the same.
I have to line the foot of the bed right now in this cleaning up process..and everyday I just work on it as I can.
printing paper grows
I have been taking fabric scraps and paper scraps and making die cuts and embossed papers
i need another basket to put lose kits i get.
This Kitty is Sammy many of you have noticed I have shared his picture lately. This was Mama's cat and he loved to craft also my tuxedo Magic hates crafting and sammy lol and wants nothing to do with any of this.
sammy is so insecure right now and does not leave my side..if I go out for coffee or dinner or shopping is is waiting by the door.
ok this little cloth type basket is at the dollar general for four dollars..more journal stuff and books that will make awesome journals.
Sammy and Mama's dog Winston head to head in a animal huggie. they stick right by me.
yes I have a lot of journaling I did not share but soon I will begin again and share. My small new journal from Dylusions is here My large one is on its way. Effy Wild got me interested in making my own and I ordered the paper but will have to wait and save for the canvas by the 15th of this month I should have all my new journals ready to go.
Close quarters? from my bedroom door to my art table my little card table I work from lol
will I be glad to get this wrapped up here and get my own home yes...but with all the work here that will be a while.
Another thing I have been doing with my paper scraps is taking mama's collection of calendar books and ready making them for journals
The green lid boxes are digi's printed out pages ready to color thank goodness I had them my computer has been dead and I am leaving the first day Fox gets home early to get a new one.
shoe boxes full of Mama's stationary and cards
The I love you pillow was mama's and Winston sleeps on it every night. It was quite a ordeal to get him to calm down. than one day my Dad gave me her pillow and I put it on the foot of my bed. He cried himself to sleep for about a week and a half. now he just hops up and crashes on

well hope that gives you a idea of my day..that does not include the kitchen or closets . Day by Day.
Thanks Vicki sorting it out better now.
susan s


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