Happy Mail from Jane Bradshaw

I have a prezzie...I have a prezzie. Thank you Jane Bradshaw.This card is amazingly gorgeous. You so made my week probably my month!!!!!

ok here is the gorgeous stamp from the UK
My life has truly been blessed with so many beautiful friends around the world. I have had a dream of visiting them all one day..do you do that ? just dream a sweet day dream like that? well I do!
Royal Mail..how awesome!
now for the wonderment on the inside. are you ready?
Look at this. Oh my gosh.....oh my gosh...
so beautiful. Look at the coloring and the beautiful die cut. oh my gosh.
yes it is a late Birthday card...and how marvelous. Today it was so treasured. Hot outside miserable here in west Texas. I spend a lot of time organizing my things lately and going through beautiful things my Dad gives me that were my Mother's. I did not realize how totally stressed I was until I sat down and felt eight years old. and looked at the beautiful postage stamp and felt the box in my hands, and carefully opened it and smiled and took a deep breath and smiled again.

Thank you sweet friend.Thank you precious Jane.

Susan s


  1. Ahhhh Susan, glad I was able to give you a lift today and a smile :) :) :) So glad the card arrived safe and sound, just sorry it is so many months late :) Big hugs hunny and keep smiling, it is the best healer :) xxxxxx

  2. My goodness - how stunning that is :-D You are very lucky :-D
    Very hot and sticky here too and millions of mosquitoes :-( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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