Smeared Inks Art Journal Every Day Day Seven Blog Hop The Fabulous Aletha

Oh wow can you believe Day 7 with smeared Inks Art  Journal Every Day

I would love to hear how you have felt about all you have seen. If there is a technique or idea please leave a comment or talk to us on the forum here is a link

This is Aletha's Technique 7 Scrap paper Background
and Prompt 7 Resolutions

I made this in Aletha's scrap paper style

My resolution is to step forward in my art to grow and over come my fears of not being good enough and just expressing me

I hope you have had fun



  1. Way cool looking Susan, I really need to get into that journal stuff. I did one for the MC challenge, if you want to see it here it is:

    Love your art, and cool Zazzle store you have going on too!


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