Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lilyand the lotus and Wings of Desire

Welcome to my blog today. I have been planning my 2014 themes and this one is for January 2014.
Ok my theme now that I have gotten excited for this is Wings of Desire.
What motivated Wings of Desire
As we all do in journal art we express the negative to convert to a positive. I am in a situation where I care for my parents. all in all my Dad does well he has massive heart trouble though and often goes through many physical and emotional days where he is not up to par. My mother is on hospice and has some serious health problems. she is losing weight more and more and has been home bound. she sleeps in a chair they call a lift chair because she does not have much ability to lift herself.Her feet ..no description and she fights infection and amputation  ...so things get very grave here.
The hardest part is the physiological needs and the anguish from their age..and they forget I have my own issues..entirely!That is a daily negative..and in looking at it I think of the Glorious Angels that keep me going daily. I think of lifting myself above a moment or a hard day or a hard week and what does it...wings..butterflies moths angels even the Gothic dark wings they just do something to me where it snaps things into a forward motion again.all of a sudden I had my January theme
Wings of Desire.The desire to fly away or to rise above or to spread your wings and create something awesome beautiful or gorgeous.
well enough .Happy new Year and hope your  shines today.
This is a recycled page covered with scraps before I began anything. Then I searched through my many magazines clipped and glued...I used green Geletos by Fiber castle and water color crayons by reeves . I used parts of a stencil from stencil Girl and Tim Holts dabbers here and there and of course my white gel pen!

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