Thursday, October 6, 2016

Day 6 of 31 Days of Halloween

Sending love to all the people in the path of the storm Hurricane Matthew. Many have been displaced and do not know if they even have a home to go back to.. I talked to a few who fled yesterday and waited to know they were safely away from the true horror.I am sending love and prayers Kristy, Joyce, Ruth and others I have not mentioned.
Thank you everyone for the kind words
Hope your day is wonderful. I must get my son off to work and my Dad off to my sisters.
susan s


  1. We are having fun - doing a blog op -
    and many are running away from the
    storm and have no idea what they will
    return to. Positive thoughts for
    safety for everyone.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. I love these pages. Definitely hoping everyone got out before the storm.

  3. Well, I am in So. FL and we got lucky. But now I'm praying for the rest of my state & the rest of the coast. AND hoping this thing doesn't come back to bite us in the a**.
    Your project is lovely!

  4. Lovely pages, Lyneen! And praying for all those affected by this nasty hurricane! And Rebecca, you are so right! These things can do a 180 in a second..never sure of the path until it is gone and died out! Late hurricanes are usually our worst on the Gulf Coast but as I am catching up late, I know it did not do the unthinkable! Hello from one county off the coast in Mississippi, Lyneen and Rebecca! xx