Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ikes World Art has a new challenge #55 What's the Weather

Ike's World Art has some new images coming your way! They are awesome. The new challenge is "What's the Weather"?????????? that means Feb 2 the little groundhog has to come out and stay out or.......bad news he goes in and we have more bad weather.Please no more bad weather here!
I have been moody lately working on real life ...I am setting up a booth in Odessa soon at their flea market..I am teaching classes here in Andrews and I have a new beautiful awesomely talented student named Shan..I just love her! getting the ol girl moving again and it is like HARD lol.
I am loving the new images in IKE'S STORE 
I am looking forward to seeing yours on the challenge blog.
Have a wonderful time.
Hugs Susan S

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