Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ike's World Art A New Challenge "Santa's coming"

Welcome to my blog! It is time for Santa at Ike's World art
and we want to see your "Santa's Coming" art! 
I can remember coloring Santa Claus on cold wintery nights right about Christmas. My mom would make toast and hot chocolate and my sister and I would sit and color at the kitchen table. What magical times!
I have made Ike's darling fairy you can find in her shop 
Have a wonderful Christmas friends.Thank you for a fabulous year at Ike's.Can't wait to see your "Santa's Coming " challenge piece.
Susan S


  1. Love your project and the wonderful story of your mom!

  2. How lovely - she looks so beautiful and I love the glitter :-) Such a lovely memory of your childhood Susan :-D

    Thanks for making this for me.

    IKE xxx