Lily and the Lotus and a new challenge with Ike's world Art. Pets and animals

Hi everyone. I am still with out a printer. But hopefully they will have my order this coming weekend.
The most impressive pet I have ever seen in my life was at a Native American Pow Wow. and a blind medicine man had a pet wolf. we all stood still in fear when we saw him and he came up to my chest on all fours. He was beautiful. He looked in your eyes and you could feel he knew all about you in a seconds flash.He was magical and beautiful and strong beyond understanding. The blind man felt my amazement and asked my native name. I said in Cherokee Standing Wolf. It was given to me because of my strength as a single parent and Mother.The man smiled and said his brother (meaning the wolf) knew his sister. Than he walked away.
That is a true story. In Amarillo Texas about fourteen years ago.
I have been looking at land in New Mexico. I have pretty much decided to return back to my homeland when I lose my Dad. maybe before. I love the desert of New Mexico and I often talk to my son about wanting my own wolf since that day in Amarillo.What a majestic animal.
Ike's World Challenges are beautiful. I adore her gorgeous images. I wanted to make several for this share post about her challenges, but so happy to share her beautiful Wolf.
Thanks for stopping in.


  1. What an amazing story :-) I love wolves and I could just see you living in the dessert with a beautiful wolf :-D
    Thank you making this for me and I hope your printer comes soon.

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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