Lily and The Lotus and Happy Mail from Ike

I had a wonderful surprise come in the mail from my sweet friend Ike. I have to brag a bit about knowing one of the most fabulous artist out there. It has been such a privilege to be her friend.
Her art is dynamic as is her entire person!
Thank you Ike you made my year!

  I have a friendly little cat Sammy who is helping me to take the pictures.
you can see the card and the steampunk die?
Of course I had to show my Dad who said "Oh my gosh, that is beautiful. What a beautiful card."
My son get's home from work and I have it right where he can see it and first thing he said " oh a card from Ike?"
Is Ike a part of this family..yes. very much so.
Thank you dear friend.
Love you always.
susan s


  1. WooHoo - I am so glad she got there safely :-) you can never tell with the state of DonkeyMail these days :-D LoL
    I am very glad that you liked her and the little steampunk giftie.
    I LUV your little Kitty helper there and you made my day telling me what your Dad and Son said, and how you think of the card and me. Thank you little Friend :-D

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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