May 2015 Smeared Ink Blog Hop

Hi everyone.
 I am excited about this blog hop. I have some awesome stamps I received from the Smeared Ink Red Rubber club before it closed :( ...and I love them.
You have just come from Barbara's Blog and by now you have seen some fabulous art. I can't wait to hop tomorrow afternoon.
I have been involved in my journal art and I have joined a wonderful group with Effy Wild. Her banner is on my side bar.
I love the Moon Journaling and when I received the stamps  I knew I wanted to add their essence to my moon journals.
I hope you like them.

 This image I am using to represent my physical healing. Meditative thoughts at night to dream upon.Thank you Helen for the embellishments.
I love this one being Cherokee. Most Native people hate owls they symbolize bad luck, ill fate ,death ,sickness and more..However the Cherokee people do not but rather see the owl in a different light and very powerful medicine.
The Cherokee also have had many women warriors through out their history and there are many medicine women through out the Nation.
This tag in my journal art is one of power and strength and sight. 

I am also taking Effy Wilds Book of Days where we are using music to inspire our pages my son looked at this and thought ok mom you are listening to to much Infected Mushroom I saw a creature. why..because especially in summer you can really feel the earth especially at night in the moonlight you can feel the life force and elements you can feel all the little earth kindoms so I saw her as a creature in a very good way.

and the last stamp

 I used a stencil girl monthly kit stencil here and Dylusion paints on all my tag back grounds. The sentiment here is beautiful
Our Power is Endless
Our strength is staggering.
Our Creativity has no boundaries
our possibilities are Timeless.
This is my tag for encouragement..and a reminder to keep moving forward.

I want to remind every one of the challenge with create and inspire, this is the link to my post for that 

and I managed to get a few Ching Chow  Kuik images  finished and here is the link to them. 

Congrats to Leigh and her new blog here is the link to that 

take care everyone
susan s  


  1. Love your tags Susan and the meaning behind them. Beautiful artwork as always my friend xx

  2. Fabulous tags, Susan! That set is amazing and you've inspired me to ink it up. Love your meaning behind each one. What perfect additions to your journal. xxD

  3. WOW! Just overwhelmed at the beauty in these tags. The art itself is so powerful and reading your thoughts about them just takes them to that next level. <3!
    xxx Tori

  4. These are awesome! I love your tags! Great colors and images!

  5. These are fabulous and so gorgeous, with those beautiful colours.

    Hugs Anna xx

  6. Great tags. I love owls and never saw them as unlucky

  7. My dear Susan, I love your tags ! and your comment on Cherokee history was very interesting !
    I don't forget what I promised to you, and am sorry I haven't sent it so far... I have been running out of time all this year, but I hope I will find more time during the Summer time. xoxoxox

  8. Fabulous tags and thank you for explaining your thoughts on each! I love the history of the Cherokee Nation even though marred by sadness and loathsome acts perpetrated upon them! The sentiment is such a powerful statement for we women. As my mom is a breast cancer survivor, I see so much of those words in her battle fought! Awesome and thought provoking! You have a beautiful way with words!! Fabulous job!!
    And I love owls...:)

  9. Wow, Susan, you have made some fabulous tags, and I love hearing about your Native customs and traditions. Hugs, Barbara

  10. Loved reading your info and seeing your creations! Great post altogether!

  11. Beautiful tags Susan. I really love these and love that they have meaning and inspiration for you. Sorry for the delay in my hopping, thank you for your lovely comments! hugs, mo x

  12. AWESOME tags !!! I love all of these Susan and I am glad to see that your artistry is still flowing well :-D
    Sorry I am a late Hopper. x


    IKE x

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