Delicious Doodles Darkness Tag swap with Helen April 2014

I received my beautiful package from Helen yesterday..she will get mine next week.
I cannot say how I prize my trophies so let me show you why......
Is this not the cats meow ??????????? yes IT IS :) and miz greedy fingers here is so proud I got me a frame last night in fact two frames :)

Now let me show you my awesome gift from my sweet friend...I have to say it was Helen's continual working her job with Fybrmyalgia that inspired me to try my new job at Michaels and she is proud of me :) thank means the world when our friends are proud of us doesn't it.
sorry for looking so tired but I am it has been a testing week..depositions..traveling for mom's morphine mix and getting it to the pharmacy..and getting her to the Dr in Midland who puts it in her pump and home about a hour I look like crap but the apron doesn't  Thank you so much!!!!

 now my tags to her and the rest is a secret hehehehe
hugs all


  1. awww your card is just so beautiful Susan.This is the ideal image for a pure white on white card.It is with pride I call you my friend and can't wait to get my grubby hands on those tags xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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