Freaking Blogger Burped and ate one weeks worth of post welcome to smeared and smudged HOP

I will make it short . I freaking hate blogger and this is why!wake up and what you posted for the past week and a half is gone.
Making coffee cussing at google the most retarded system there is in blogging!

here are my pic's from yesterday and today
They are from the smeared ink store. They are the new releases from The keeper series
The fifth keeper
The first Keeper

 On both of the tags The Keeper digi was used along with the red rubber set of hearts with wings.
On the second tag my newest red rubber set was used one with colomuns ..both sewts are awesome.

I will place links at the bottom of the post because I am hurring

on the first day I had posted other pieces I had recently made

Teri Shermans
1. Deadly Night Shade
2.Dark forest
3. Valentina
all colored with prisma pencils and watercolorsa

Ike Art
Bite Me

The Keepers were colored with prisma pencils and Tim Holts distress inks were used.
Petaloo ribbon and flowers.

Teri Shermans pieces were colored with prisma pencils and watercolors.

Ike piece colored with prisma pencils and water colors petaloo flowers and ribbons


Smeared Ink Bloody Valentine Blog Hop 

Smeared inks store 

smeare inks red rubber club 

Teri Shermans Delicious Doodles 

Ike Images/ world 

Sue The Nanny
Black Dragon
Airless Chambers
Quoth The Raven
Ike's World Challenges
Left Of Center Creative Challenges
Violent Kitty
Lady Brayton


  1. love love love all of the rich colors. Finally another watercolor pencil user. (Go no bleed through) The green tag and its pendant necklace is phenom. I want it :)- (does anyone else hear my inner three year old making itself known?)
    Hop on!

  2. I've got to get out my prismacolors.... Luv the Keepers, but totally luv your Dark Forest!!

  3. Your colors absolutely make me swoon, Susan! Fabulous tag and super work all around. Now I'm excited to try the columns set and am getting The Keepers today. Love the hair on Ike's Bite Me, too. Looks like Blogger put your posts back up. WooHoo! xxD

  4. Beautiful coloring Sue. Love the keeper tags. Sorry about your blogger issues. I hope you had the records backed up.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Susan, you've created some beautiful pieces here and so sorry that blogger has been driving you batty but you look like you're back in business ;0)

  6. love your dark and gothic! lots of inspiring work. xx

  7. Gorgeous work Susan! I love the tags so much...all of them. And this piece, wow. You have really tranformed Bite me into a colorful beauty. I love the hair so much!!! Great work - lots of work!!!! Samara xox

  8. Sorry blogger ate your posts. It has done that to me in the past and it sucks ass when it happens. I must say, your work is so incredibly gorgeous, Susan! There is not one piece I dislike. Your coloring has a very magical feel! Love!

  9. OMG - so sorry that Blogger ate all your stuff !!! :-( These projects are just fabulously stunning my Friend. Your colouring is so wonderful :-) xoxoxox


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