and scrap cards

Hi and welcome to lily and the am on a rampage to use my scraps...I love scraps and can't bring myself to throw them away soooo here I go on a rant about scraps.
What compels me to keep them? who knows I often tell myself all the wondrous things I plan on doing with them and yet they pile I have made myself realize i am over flowing and I cannot have newer scraps until I get rid of the older ones...well we shall see how it works.
This card is for sharon a friend of mine at smeared ink...and she had sent me a awesome copy of her challenge piece for
check it out in aprils challenge and while you are there check out Mays new challenge...
so I made her this

Well, there is a scrap card..more like a mini journal right..and I love making them..I do hope she likes it.
well off to start another one
I hope you are playing with us this Smudgy Antics challenge...alter a box..I did and I have a great gift put away now for someones Christmas present...
check out the enteries and the other Dt altered boxes they are wonderful.
stay safe
susan s


  1. OMG, I was being so patient and now I just can't wait to get this in my hands! Absolutely love it! I'm on a bit of a scrap rampage too but it's going so slowly that rampage is probably the wrong term. More like a leisurely scrap stroll.

  2. I love it, Susan! I really must use more of my scraps too!

  3. Yes, you have inspired me to use mine as well! And a mini book/album would be perfect, like yours! Awesome project.

  4. Hi Susan - After spending the day helping a friend get her garden in, I came home to find mt gift in the mail. It's beyond lovely! And not only was the art awesome, but the structure of the mini journal amazed me. It wasn't gluey like I struggle with constantly and I didn't see any stitching so I'd loved to know how you constructed it. Thanks a heap!! Hugs!


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