I played today

 wanted to show off my stamp set..this is my birthday gift from my wonderful friend Ike.
There were more pieces but I thought i had filled the tag up quite a bit. hope you like it..I love this stamp set from The stampman called "cranes"
I met this wonderful friend in a cyber place called  SMEARED AND SMUDGED INK.COM..no this is not a link you can click my side bar for links there and at the bottom..and if you ever need a awesome artist to draw a dream in your minds eye call on Ike her link is at the bottom of my blog.



  1. Oooh - that is one AWESOME tag Susan. I am so glad you enjoyed playing with your goodies. Perfect result :-D Thanks for the 'shout' :-D
    Luv ya' xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hey - you wanna' hear something funny ?.... when I come to your Blog, my computer says "This page is in Romanian - Would you like to translate it ?"..... ??!! LoL bwaahahaha.... I didn't know you spoke Romanian ... snort !!

  3. Susan, those stamps from Ike are killer kewl! She is such a sweet heart! Your tag so very beautiful!!

  4. Hey Ike and Susan, I just noticed that Susan's "Universal Translator" icon thingy on the right, has a picture of 2 girls licking a silver vibrator.

  5. Susan, your "Follow by Email" don't work, I tried it again today, and it says it's not "Enabled" so could you enable it so I can get notifications when you post please :)


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