My son has been working in a town where he spends many hours driving to and from..we have made a decision to move there..I have encouraged my folks to get physical therapy for mama and massage therapist and she has. When I first came back to their house she was in a dark corner sitting in her chair bed and she had given up on life..she acts like she is living again..and i am so glad.
I can step back out into my life again and I am glad of that.
hope everyone has a great evening.


  1. Oh I am so glad for you... I hope it actually happens this time and you are not dissuaded by the aged parents !!! Get your butt out of there and go LIVE !!!!!
    That is one gorgeous sunset but the scenery is so flat and there is NOTHING there !!!!!! Incredible. Is it a desert or something ? I couldn't live without trees :-) xxxxxxxx


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