Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year with Ikes World Art and Challenge 54 NEW BEGINNINGS

New Beginnings  and Happy New Year Challenge 54 With Ike's World Art

I am definitely taking a Holiday this year so running late just might happen.What is your new beginning? I am starting off my getting my art supplies and "stuff" in order. I had hoped to have this accomplished before the first..but no worries it is still happening. My second new beginning I am opening a booth either in February or March. I am not real happy with the places of choice so I am still looking trying to make a decision.
My third new beginning is I am teaching privately and publicly.I have special need children I will be working with also and I am really looking forward to that.
My fourth new beginning I will be making you tube videos this year ! Mostly with Canvas Corp Brands but you never know I just might make a few Ike's World Challenge videos!
My fifth is devotion to my teachers and journals again.
I have a few other things in the works right now like I am thinking about going back and teaching at Michaels...I will keep you posted on this.
Ike's World! Ike has grown so much with her art and images.
I love turquoise and sea colors  and when I thought of new Beginnings I thought of colors and choosing a image was hard because so many applied to my emotions about this.
I chose "Really" I do love this image.
I am looking forward to you thoughts and blogs and New Beginnings Challenge pieces.
Happy New Year everyone 
Loads of love
Susan S


  1. How awesome !!! This is fabulous Susan. All your new beginnings sound wonderful and it seems like you are going to be really busy :-D I wish you every success in all your new ventures and look forward to seeing your creations. :-D

    IKE xxx

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  2. She is gorgeous! I also love the cool color palette you chose. In my list of new beginnings, I also included the possibility of uploading videos unto YouTube. Blessings!