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Happy Monday April 10 2017 A new Junk Journal

I am still experimenting with Junk Journals.I do not have the confidence to swap yet, I have not conquered the binding and a few other things yet.
First I coffee stained everything and I add a scent to my pages like lavender or roses etc.
On this journal I did try to use the gold liner pen on the edges of the pages and found that also would take extreme patience and a very straight edger and it needs to be done long before the pages are added together.
In this journal I used quite a few of my stamps,however some I have purchased at garage sales and they are wood with simply "top" and "bottom" written on them.
I will try not to miss anything in case you want to add it to your craft supplies.
However when my Mother was ill many things were printed on my older computer and I do not have files on them any more so I will say unknown..however if you know please leave a comment and let me know from whence they came :)

The cover is Tim Holtz paper ,Tsunami Rose image, Canvas Cor…