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HAPPY VALENTINES EVERYONE..and Thank you Milo and Liz

Good Morning and Happy Valentines!
I have so many wonderful friends and each of you are my Valentines in my heart.

I want to start this post with a huge Thank you to Milo and Liz.
I so admire their art. I am truly their biggest fan.
This past month was difficult. My Dad was having more and more difficulty with his health. We had been in the emergency room constantly for his vertigo.He made a decision to head to my sisters for a visit.A 6 hour drive from our little town here in the southwest.
I think he felt like he knew something was very wrong and he wanted to see them again if something happened. He is from a generation you do not tell what to do..they paved the road so they will drive it so to speak.He left the first two days he was fine. The third my sister was at work.She is the top finical international executive for Apple..she makes Apple work another words so needless to say she works all the time.My brother in law was on his last week working for the accounting Dept for the govern…

Happy February everyone


Are you ready for a Valentine month?

See you soon.

Susan S