Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lilyand the lotus and Day 30 with Smeared Ink's 31 Days of Halloween Angel of Journey/smeared ink

Oh man everyone one more day to go hang in there. Thank you for your visits your thoughtful words and kind thoughts. I hope you continue to visit me from time to time and you can always reach me here just leave a comment.
Thank you all for your wonderful art and your inspiration and talent that continues to inspire me always.
Angel of Journey

The story is on the link 

Lily and the lotus Day 31 with smeared and smudged 31 days of Halloween

I played in a journal class yesterday using a smeared ink butterfly from the specimen collection in their store
I hope you take a moment to see the details at
Thank you all for your kind words and I have loved each day.
susan s

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

lilyand the lotus and smeared and smudged 31 Days of Halloween and Mr Poe

Oh my gosh 2 more days can you do it ?????
This is from the red rubber sets at
yes there is a red rubber club at Smeared Ink and the stamps are so awesome...
I had stages to this piece

I mod podged the journal page with flat matt

then used Tim Holtz metallics adding honey stain
I also used my new Stampin up script stamp I have been sharing with you En Francais

this is the link to my store ..if you get it you will love it I do!
the rest was stencils and red rubber and a few stickies..
The candle stick is a die cut inked black
Thank you all so much for the Happy Birthday wishes they meant a lot to the fox..

have a great day

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lilyand The Lotus and stephens Birthday

Happy Birthday to my son
are always needed..the rest will come this weekend :)the family
mama and her bed and lift chair we brought the party to her
cutting the cake to share :)
hope your wishes always come true

Lilyandthe Lotus and Smeared and Smudged Ink's 31 days of halloween Day 29 My son's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Stephen!!! such a joyful day and I have such a sad piece lol lol!
This is a sweet pea image called Silent Cry My Ching Chow Kuik "Silent Cry"
well I have much to do while he is still at work :)
love and hugs

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lilyandthe Lotus and Day 28 with Smeared and Smudged 31 Days of Halloween

Hope you weekend was awesome..mine has been hectic and tomorrow is the day before  my sons still have many irons in the fire.
I want to give a shout out to Laura and her awesome challenges..they are on my sidebar
Laura just finished a awesome color challenge
This was challenge three four is coming are you ready...well i just want to give yo a real simple idea of what you can do
with the colors
simple...put the colors into art...
Laura is one awesome lady as are all the members there . you may know Laura from
and I am so privileged to be joining her with


Woot! I have been so blessed with all the well wishes in my new journey with this and I am very excited.
I do hope you join us in both places..
and how awesome has this blog hop been right? Terra and Tori and all you awesome hoppers deserve  an applause so take a bow you all are awesome!
so thats it for me today have fun
love and hugs

not a luck cat

Mean fat cat wants to stuff my kitten in a laundry basket! runs and hops in stephens lap and say's I am the luck kitty now you will win your game hahaha
just my mere presence does it
not to mention my magic touch
oh no a camera I must pose for the camera

Lilyand The Lotus and Smeared Inks 31 Days of Halloween Day 27 Mixed

Welcome to my blog.Day 27 of
Thought I would share with you some fun techniques I picked up in journal classes here and there and some fab inks and a awesome stamp I have shared with you before.
I want to thank you all for the Birthday greeting to my Dad I did share them all with him he laughed and thought it was fun.
I made him a card and this is where the sharing begins tonight.
I had some fall leaf stamps in my box I love to use them on journal pages but i had tucked them away for a is fall and time to pull them out.
ok here we go

I love what powerful inks can do and I chose Stampin up inks that were a gift to me from a dear friend .
so let me share the colors and the format I chose,
I chose this one to be my dominate color and I also chose chocolate chip
I chose this to be my balance keeper
This is my light
This is my shadow
now the background stamp I used on top after all was inked and blended
This is the wonderful En Francais stampin up stamp great for journal art :)

now look again
oh here is what I did not tell you lets start with a water color background

yellow orange and brown water colors
Plan your theme
when mixing water for the water colors and ink the water will blend both but also wash away the inked images be careful

ok I have a store addy now for stampin up

now a special thank you to one of smeared Inks sponsors
I am sorry I am just getting this finished.

25% Off 25 Stamp Sets

We're celebrating Stampin' Up!'s 25th anniversary all year long, but during the week of the actual date (October 25th to be exact) we thought we should pump up the party even more. So what better way than a sale on the very products that started it all: stamps, of course!
Dates: October 22-28, 2013

Friday, October 25, 2013

Lilyand the Lotus and Smeared Ink's 31 Days of Halloween Day 26 Mixed

Hello there are you still with us ????umm amazing.
Well i have a few treats for you today
This is a sweetpea image called Trixie..she is being mailed out tomorrow to someone :)
This is a Elaine Cox image going out to Leigh tomorrow's a cat thing...
You know today is my Dad's 80th Birthday :) so cool isn't it.
well have a awesome day..I have a cake to make today
stay safe
love and hugs

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lily and the lotus day 25 with Smeared ink's 31 days of Halloween and ching chow kuik

I keep hearing my sons voice when he was little are we there yet? are we there yet? how much longer? lol
If this doesn't end soon I am going to turn into a zombie and then there will be no more art mahahahaha.

Okay enough.. I made a Ching Chow Kuik from
This is for Kathlene my mom's Home health nurse.
I apoligize I have not finished but I need to go to bed anyway....oh well such is the way of life :)
The piece is called "Sweet Little Red".
Kathelene loves animals and this just fit her. she is so good to my mom
Thanks for stoping in.and...and... tomorrow is payday so all the packages..and cards  go out yea!!!!!
love and hugs

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lilyandthe Lotus and Smeared Inks 31 days of Halloween day 24 Stencil girl and smeared ink

Hi and welcome to my blog.
I have a treat. my stencil girl came in the mail and I have to show this off I just love it!
The dream and the journey stamp are Tim Holtz but they just worked puurfectly :)
The ravens are from
and they are from the Edgar allen Poe set you can find at
The small ravens flying in the air are from The Holy City one set also at
The flowers  in black, woman and tree are the new stencil girl stencil.
yes I do like it :)

I hope you enjoyed your visit. Have a wonderful day today
love and hugs

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 and Smeared Ink 31 days of halloween Day 23 Ikes World

Welcome to my blog today and I am so glad you stopped in. I want to share
wow what talent!Ike is a fantastic artist my life has been blessed by knowing. She is so dedicated to making wonderful images for us to enjoy and color.She introduced me to Prisma pencils...yep blame her :) and I love her for the wonderful Prisma addiction! lol lol!!!
This piece is called "Fallen Angel".
I do not feel I could ever give this beautiful image justice.
she is colored with prisma pencils and watercolors.
Ike has a store and a challenge blog click this link to begin your journey with her and enjoy
Many of her art images are in the store at
I am also entering this in her challenge
My second image tonight is from
calledSunrise by Rachael Anderson details on my blog
here she is

Thanks for stopping in
Tomorrow I have more to share with you I just could not finish today.
Have a safe and wonderful day.

Lilyandthe Lotus and Smeared and Smudged 31 Days of Halloween day 22

Thank you for stopping in I have soooo enjoyed your visits comments and conversations .Thank you so much. You have brightened my life!
Todays offering is.....
Yes red rubber is marvelous...and the Grumpies!!!
oh this little guy scared himself..this stamp is tooo fun!
and my second offering is from the altered pages again if you remember my fat act's
I had to make my friend a post card. Her name is Patti and she is so dear to me.
Please leave me you physical address dear friends that have post each day I very much want to send you a Halloween card as my deepest thanks.
Have a awesome day.